Friday, August 5, 2016

Mamud & the Moringa Tree goes to Edo State Library...!

Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku, (middle) author of Mamud & the Moringa Tree, making a legal deposit and donation of his book to the Edo State Library, Friday, 5th  August 2016 as part of the Corporate social responsibility of Bob MajiriOghene Communications, Benin City.
I practically grew up inside the Bendel State Library (now Edo State Library). Back then, I would spend the whole of the day in that famous library. I often forget closing time but the kind staff often reminded me gently.

Back then, I would read books from every section, and sometimes I would just enjoy the pictures in the books.

I gained from this library, and it is a pleasure today to be giving back copies of my book for children - Mamud & the Moringa Tree.
Mrs. Gladys Adun receiving and processing Mamud & the Moringa Tree as Legal Deposit with the Edo State Library, Benin City. 

Jikalemu Ngozi Bridget of the Acquisition Dep, Edo State Library, receiving the donation of Mamud & the Moringa Tree from Editor in chief of Bob MajiriOghene Communications.

Now located on Sapele Road, the Edo State Library is enjoying a new lease of life. When I visited last year, there was no power supply and the place was as hot as an oven. At Bob MajiriOghene Communications, we drew the attention of the state government to this via an article published online and on mainstream media titled, Nigerian Libraries Starving to death thus:  

There is power, there are books and the atmosphere is serene and conducive for study. What remains is for the computer section to buzz and whirl. The Children section looks exactly like the way I left it years back but better equipped with a TV set and multimedia stuff.

Thank you Edo State Library!