Friday, June 3, 2016

Event Brite comes to ANEEJ...!

Assurance Ovie taking ANEEJ staff through Event Bright, an e-inviting innovative system of networking
 On the 2nd of June 2016, a step down training on SOCIAL MEDIA/ICT was carried out at ANEEJ. The aim of this step down was to share the knowledge gotten from the training put in place by the Partnership Initiative in the Niger Delta, PIND, in Warri Delta state 1th -20th May, 2016 on Social Media and ICT. The objective of the step down to ANEEJ staff is so that everyone could have an idea of how social media works in a development setting, and know how it can be used to enhance ANEEJ ICT/Social Media potentials.

Assurance Ovie stressing a point
 The Facilitator Mr. Kelly spoke on what a website is used for, how you can buy a domain name using the URL:, how wordpress templates can be edited to create a simple personal website, and how visuals/text can be uploaded through the control panel if you have the password to access your organization’s website.

The second Facilitator Mr. Assurance spoke on Social media/ICT, the meaning and platform examples, uses of social media, content development and its steps, and Eventbrite (a platform used to send invitations online through email, facebook and twitter).
There was refreshment and the meeting came to an end at 12noon.

 The step down started at 11am and ended 12noon with the following in attendance:
Facilitators: Mr. Kelly Umukoro Ovie (Website development)
                 Mr. Erhisohwode Assurance Ovie (Social Media Development)
ANEEJ staffs present are:
                       Mr. Bob Majirioghene (Communications Manager)
                       Mr. Innocent Edemhanria (Programme/Policy Manager)
                       Mr. Ken Okocha (Studio and photos officer)
                       Mr. Charles Iyare (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer)
                       Mrs. Mary Uwa. (Secretary)
                       Mrs. Sandra Eguagie (program Officer)

ANEEJ staff listening to Ovie with rapt attention