Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Niger Delta policy executors, time to rejig strategy

We  always  say  that  those  who actually  see, should see  with  their  hearts  and  not  with  their  eyes. We believe also that meditation is a well and wealth of thoughts.  Meditation  simply  means  deep  thought,  deep  thinking which  draws  out  the  inner  most  will  of  the  human  mind. In  any  case  many  individuals  believe  that  meditation  mean  clarity  of   mind, emptying  any  mental, emotional  and  moral  insanity  but  focusing  on  a  world  of  harmony and  mental  and  spiritual  clarity.

Well it is there in the holy scriptures that  the  heart  of  the  righteous  meditates  before  responding  and the  meditation  of  our  heart  should  please  God. Therefore, this shows that if meditation is done purposefully,   it will fill our lives with meaningful achievements.  It is in man’s nature to meditate to ponder over their actions.  Man’s  sense  of  deep  reasoning  becomes  more  evident  during  sad  and  happy  moments. Is it any wonder then that our creator  the Almighty God has endowed  us  with  high  standards of living  but  desperation  and  treachery  has  made  man’s  unpleasantness  grow  worse?

If we think through our lives, it leads to longevity, strength and soundness of mind.  Man’s ability to ponder, to water or awaken all the senses in the body promotes man’s ability to live a happy and purposeful life. This  only  shows  that  the  senses  of taste, sight,  hearing  smell and  thirst  are  all  driven by human  meditation.   Life becomes even more reliable, more realistic when we meaningfully introspect and apply the results of our introspection. Everything a man  does is as a result of the  burning  fire or burning  desire  inside  of them  whether  proper or improper  desire or thoughts. But what is most important is what we mediate on, the inside of us.  Good meditation brings out the pure, lovable virtuous person we are in the inside of us. Lack of meditation could ruin a man’s life.  Meditation gives us time to pause to balance or reflect on our failings, success, self-doubt, desires and so forth.

So even in this  busy  crazy  world it is  spiritually, mentally, emotional  healthy to take  time  out to think through or mediate or remind  oneself of the  life  left  behind  and of the life ahead.  So until we the masses, the government, private and religious organization decide to pause, to meditate on our past and present achievements we will remain where we are and will never grow.

Niger Deltans are configured for greatness. We are a rich people with great culture, natural resources and so on. All we see in our country Nigeria is commotion because we are always in a hurry to meet up with whatever agenda we have in mind forgetting that every course of action has consequence. Governments across board may have fail us in social, economic and technological expectations but let’s not forget my fellow Niger Deltans that we are still surviving because we are survivalists.  We recommend that we should we take our time to reflect, to ponder and re-strategize against the forces in Nigeria that continues to keep us in perpetual second place in spite of our contributions to the wealth-being of Nigeria.   
We know of a fact that there is no perfection in governance but of course we need a government that can meet certain economic and social expectations. We know of a fact as well that the success or failure of this region cannot be left for the government alone. Nigerians are who we are.  We make impossible things possible.  We believe that the condition of our country will improve if we apply ourselves to thinking through our lot instead of running abroad to go look for answers to our problems. Our lack of deep sense of reasoning on the travails of our region seems to leave us in the lurch. And therefore, our region seems left out of economic and financial favours from the centre.

In some of our villages alone, there are over 200 oil wells which contribute to the food and water intake of the rest of Nigeria.  And from whence oil exploration and exploitation began in Nigeria, most of our villages have had their fair share of oil spills to the extent that the rivers and lakes which were once our sources of livelihood have all died, replaced by artificial lakes.  Do we want to remain like this? Are we just content with being the goose which lay the golden eggs, only for outsiders to control us and manage the oil wells? What of our own people who are forming partnerships with people from other regions to undermine us? What about our own people who collect 13% oil derivation money only to divert these monies for their selfish enjoyment? 

Where our thoughts should be today is how we can get the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, MNDA, the NDDC, and the Oil and Gas Commissions, established to manage our derivation funds to be more transparent and more accountable to us.  We should ‘shine’ our eyes. Tomorrow the oil will no longer be there. It may comefrom the North or West.  If that happens, do you think we will ever survive Nigeria?

Already published in the INDEPENDENT newspaper, (www.independentnig.com) of 19th April, 2016 with the title above.

MajiriOghene Etemiku & Precious Udo
majirioghene@yahoo.com, preciousudoh607@gmail.com