Thursday, September 17, 2015

WritersWood Debuts with Serendipity!

Here we are...WRITERSWOOD!
L-R: Sylvester the spoken word artist(not a poet), Bob the builder, Charles the Mr. Impact and Charles the dramatist.

Prologue: Here were three guys poring on the drawing board over modalities for WRITERSWOOD, and over a bottle of Spanish Red Wine. We were all wondering what the new genre, 'Spoken word', is as a literary genre when suddenly Sylvester took the stage and rendered his 'What are You Thinking'. We were wowed and before we knew it we were already critiquing 'What Are You Thinking'. I thought that it was rendered effortlessly except that the tempo was a bit too even. Others took turns at passing the rendition through the forge - Charles said it was like RAP -rhythm according to Poetry - and Charles said that 'What are You thinking', has a deep thematic resume.

Suddenly, it burst out of me: Hey, this is exactly what WRITERSWOOD stands for!

And so, it became unanimous that on this schedule below, we would be having our second meeting.

Date: 25th September, 2015
Time:4:30 - 5:30
Venue: 39 Oyaide Street, GRA, off Benoni, Benin City, Nigeria

Please do send your stuff - written or unwritten - design, poetry, dance, sculpture, short stories, plays, feature articles etc - through to our secretariat to, and come  HUNGRY! Apart from the pies and food, we have Spanish Wine aplenty. Sylvester would perform his spoken word, 'What are you thinking?'

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