Friday, July 3, 2015


David Cameron’s father was a very rich man. He left a lot of his fortune in tax havens in Panama and Jersey. At the time of the death of Pa Cameron, he was worth 2.7million pounds. David was a beneficiary. Questions have arisen if he paid his taxes on that money he inherited from his father.

In 2009, Barack Obama publicly declared that he was worth $5.5m before he became President. The income came from the sale of two bestsellers, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER and AUDACITY OF HOPE. ‘Five days before he was sworn in as president, Obama received a $500,000 advance from his publisher. The declaration records that he makes 15% of the hardcover sale price in the US and up to 10% on paperbacks. Obama's income from his books far outpaces his annual presidential salary of $400,000 which met only a fraction of the Obamas joint income tax bill of nearly $2m’,  an online publication said.

In the White House Financial Disclosure Forms, Obama declared that he had $7.7million which did not include his dog Bo, valued at $1,600.  Obama donated his Nobel medal and diploma valued at $1.4m to charity. The Obamas have also given $329,100 to more than 20 different charities.

The Nigerian Constitution states in Chapter VI Section 140 that a person elected to the office of President shall not begin to perform the functions of that office until he has declared his assets and liabilities as prescribed in the Constitution. President Buhari is reported to have done so. But what do Nigerians know of what is on that declaration? Mr. Vice President is reported to have declared his assets as well. Would it not interest Nigerians to know where he got the Billions he donated to a church before he became vice-president?



Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku is editor-in-chief of Bob MajiriOghene Communications.