Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NASS members should collect N5,000.00 monthly

NASS members should collect N5, 000 monthly.

If indeed the members of the National Assembly represent the people who voted them to power, they should reject the jumbo allowances that the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Revenue Commission, RMFRC, is allocating them. Governors have not paid the salaries of workers in several states in this country.  Oil prices are unpredictable and Mr. Vice President has said that most Nigerians are living on less than a dollar daily. A certain governor has cut down the size of his cabinet from 19 to 13, and has cut his salary as well.  If that is the case, why should members of the National Assembly collect furniture, wardrobe allowances when the people who voted them there are hungry, homeless and unemployed.

The statement credited to one Chief Joe Edionwele, a member of the House of Representatives representing the PDP Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben federal Constituency of Edo State that bankers and oil workers earn more than NASS members, is irresponsible and downrightly immature. The NASS is not a place you go to, to earn a living: people go there to serve their people. Even though while there should earn a living, this honourable member should not be making a fuss out of agitations being made to cut allowances of NASS members.

In the spirit of the change being canvassed here and there, I would suggest that members of the NASS be paid the monthly N5, 000 that is being arranged for Nigerians who are ‘poor’ and unemployed.

Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku
ANEEJ, Benin City.

Published as Pay NASS members 5,000, by The Punch Newspaper, Nigeria page 25 [Wednesday, June 17, 2015]