Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sausage War with American Ambassador to Nigeria

Sausage War with American Ambassador to Nigeria @ the German Embassy, 4th October 2014.

Was lined up like everyone else for the buffet. Since I particularly like sausages, I wanted some. So I looked at the container of sausages. There were only about ten left. So I took one, two and three sausages.
Suddenly a voice from behind me said: Ah, so you left some for me. I turned around and it was Mr. Whistle (I call him that because his name twists my tongue). I stepped aside and he forked only one of the sausages and sauce on his plate.
I followed him and the following conversation took place
ME: Bros, I hear you break pidgin well well
Mr Whistle: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ME: But I heard you myself on radio breaking it like a true naija bros
Mr. Whistle: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ME: But that cant be true naaa...
Mr. Whistle:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ME: But why are you guys blocking our purchase of arms
Mr. Whistle:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ME: It looks to me that you dont like our president...?

Scrol down, down to hear his response to these questions

Well, he and I agreed not to tell anybody what he said about his dexterity with the pidgin ingrish....I intend to keep my word. And I didnt get to ask him the last two questions, wish I did. But here's Mr Whistle with his one sausage on his plate