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Residencies for writers, poets, dramatists and authors in North America

Artist Residencies in North America

U.S. Residencies

18th Street Arts Center (Santa Monica, CA)
The center offers residencies to artists residing in the Los Angeles area, as well as several international areas, from many different disciplines including dance, painting, photography, and writing. They are dedicated to the advancement of culture through artists working with issues of social consciousness, community, diversity, and beauty.

Abrons Art Center/Henry Street Settlement (New York, NY)
The workspace programs provide residencies and free workspace in which established and emerging artists can develop their work and careers. The programs have fostered the creative process for innovative performing and visual artists.

Abruzzi Mountain Art Workshop (Brooklyn, NY)
Designed for artists at any level, each Workshop is a week-long immersion into a particular art form—from Painting and Drawing to Sculpture, Fresco, Mural, Encaustic or Collage.

American Dance Festival (New York, NY)
The International Choreographer’s Residency Program runs concurrently with the 6 week summer dance festival. ICRs will attend all performances, have access to all festival events and resources, and become part of the community of teachers, dancers, choreographers, and performers that come to the festival. ICRs will also have the opportunity to teach a master class and to show their work in an informal showing.

Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (Red Wing, MN)
The Center makes available private time and space to some 45 artists, writers, and scholars from the United States and abroad. Residencies, which include meals and lodging at the Center, are for two weeks to one month, during which time resident-fellows are expected to work on a clearly defined project and to make a substantive contribution to the community in the form of a talk, class, or performance of their work.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center (Snowmass Village, CO)
The Ranch promotes personal and professional development of artists of all levels of expertise through year-round workshops in ceramics, sculpture, photography, new media, painting and drawing, printmaking, woodworking, furniture design and more. Our artist’s residencies for emerging and established artists, summer interships, visiting artists and critics, community outreach, and public events offer a full spectrum of opportunities to creative people of all levels. The facilities feature fully-equipped art studios and galleries.

Aperture Foundation Work Scholar Program (New York, NY)
The program was created to give individuals of promise the unique opportunity to work closely with our staff in day-to-day contact with all of Apererture’s activities. The program welcoms and average of twenty interns every year, allowing young graduates from the United States and around the world to learn the skills required to persue related careers while contributing to the Foundation and its programs.

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (Gatlinburg, TN)
The residency program is designed to provide pre-professional, self-directed artists time and space to develop a major body of work in a creative community environment of students and visiting faculty. Five artists are selected annually to participate in the 11-month program that begins mid-June and continues through the end of May the following year.

Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities (Carlisle, KY)
The center they will be your first step to new opportunities for creative growth. Every practicing artist should have the chance to concentrate on his or her work for a period of time without the multitude of daily distractions that hamper our lives. Time set aside for revitalizing the creative spirit, pursuing new trains of thought, or concentrating on an idea already in the works are essential parts of being a productive artist. Artcroft’s pastoral setting offers the practicing artist a tranquil, natural environment in which to think, plan, and work.

Art Farm (Marquette, NE)
Art Farmss artist residency program for professionals, in all areas of the arts, offers them accommodation and studio space to pursue their art and we ask, in exchange, for 12 hours per week from artists, to help renovate and maintain Art Farm’s buildings and grounds as well as other projects. All who apply need to be self-motivated and resourceful and appreciate a quiet working environment--if you need a busy social life this may not be for you. Art Farm’s location is semi-isolated and rural and because of this condition, co-operation and an ability to share tasks are required.

Art in General (New York, NY)
Art in Generalss Artist Residency Program provides artists with the opportunity to create work in a new context and to meet and interact with art communities and audiences in New York City. This national and international Artist Residency Program is uniquely focused in exposing artistic and creative processes, in initiating and promoting the dialogue between artists and the public, and in generating a better informed and recurring audience for contemporary art. Usually during the entire 6-9 week period of the residency the artist works in a gallery space that is open to the public.

The Artist House at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (St. Mary's City, MD)
The Artist House is an artist-in-residence program for creative artists and writers, and has two interrelated program goals: 1) to support creative artists, with both emerging and established careers, by offering them the time and space to create new work and 2) to develop programming in which artists-in-residence share their work with the campus and local communities. Invited artists-in-residence live and work in the Artist House and collaborate with faculty and students to further strengthen the dynamic arts community at the college and in the southern Maryland region. Artists use their residency to concentrate on a well-focused project or series of works.

Artists' Enclave at I-Park (East Haddam, CT)
The Artists' Enclave at I-Park is a multi-disciplinary, international residency program for artists looking for time and space to conceive and execute new ideas and to work on existing projects. The quiet, retreat-like environment at I-Park is intended to be conducive to the creative process and the program is designed to foster a collegial atmosphere and communal environment.

Art Omi International Arts Center (Columbia County, NY)
Omi is a not-for-profit residency program for international visual artists, writers, musicians and dancers as well as the site for The Fields Sculpture Park, a year round public exhibition space for contemporary sculpture. Omi has been guided by the vision that creative work is a vehicle for knowledge and understanding that transcends political and cultural boundaries. To this end, Omi has hosted over hundreds ofresidents from 80 different countries to date. Omi provides residents with room, board, and a place to work.

ArtPace (San Antonio, TX)
Artpace provides artists with unparalleled resources and allows them to take time, take risks, and unveil new ideas. Each residency is composed of one artist from Texas, one from elsewhere in the United States, and one from abroad. Artpace provides each artist with a two-month residency, which includes a materials budget, a weekly living stipend, an apartment, and studio/exhibition space, as well as fully equipped wood, metal, and computer facilities, complete with technical and administrative support. The goal is to give artists a space in which to imagine new ways to work.

The Art Students League of New York (New York, NY)
The Art Students League of New York is pleased to announce the availability of four month-long scholarships to the Vytlacil Residency Program. Located in Sparkill, NY, the Vytlacil Campus provides space and time for artists to fully engage in work in their own studio, as well as the opportunity to mentor with our instructors and take part in ongoing classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media and forging. The scholarships cover the cost ($2500) of the month-long program, which includes a private room, shared kitchen and bath, one meal a day, and 24-hour studio.

Artula (Brandon, Oregon)
There are several types of residencies available.  All are a minimum of one month. First there is the Professional Artist-in-Residence, for exhibiting artists to concentrate on their own creative process and to seek new inspiration. Second there is the Art Student Residency, for art students, ages 18 and up who are seeking more knowledge in their chosen art form(s), and need studio time to focus. This residency includes participation in classes, workshops and one-on-one critics. Finally there is the Apprentice/Internship with A.H. Pozzi, for artists or students ages 18 and up who wish to work in the studio of Sea Things Art and learn from working side by side with Angela Haseltine Pozzi to create her mixed media sculptures.  This internship includes participation in classes, workshops, and one-on-one critics.

Asian Cultural Council (New York, NY)
The Council supports cultural exchange between the United States and Asia. They provide fellowships for visual and performing artists, scholars, and specialists from Asia for research, study, and creative work in the United States. Some grants are also made to Americans with similar pursuits in Asia.

Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL)
Atlantic Center for the Arts is a nonprofit, interdisciplinary artists' community and arts education facility dedicated to promoting artistic excellence by providing talented artists an opportunity to work and collaborate with some of the world's most distinguished contemporary artists in the fields of music composition, and the visual, literary, and performing arts. Community interaction is coordinated through on-site and outreach presentations, workshops and exhibitions.

Aurora Project (Aurora, NY)
The Aurora Project encourages artists and scholars from a wide range of disciplines to apply, the limitation of available space and equipment being the primary restrictions. Collaborations may be possible with nearby facilities including access to a wood fire kiln, printmaking studio, a commercial glass blowing company and community arts opportunities.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE)
The sole mission of the center is to support the creativity of artists. From the beginning, the art-making process has been the highest priority at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, where both the atmosphere and environment offer ideal situations for creative growth and experimentation. We address the practical aspects of this mission by providing well-equipped studio spaces, living accommodations and monthly stipends. Located in two urban warehouses totaling 110,000 square feet, our facilities are designed to foster creativity and the productive exchange of ideas. Artists from around the world come to the Bemis Center to work in this supportive community and confront new challenges.

George Bennet Fellowship Program (Exeter, NH)
The purpose of the George Bennett Fellowship is to provide time and freedom from material considerations to a person seriously contemplating or pursuing a career as a writer. It provides for one academic year a stipend (at present $12,600.00), as well as housing and meals for this person and family, at Academy expense. As Writer-in-Residence the person shall live in Exeter and, in return for stipend and housing, shall (besides carrying out his or her own literary projects) make his or her self and talents available in an informal and unofficial way generally to students interested in writing and, more specifically, to students in English classes and to members of student literary organizations.

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest (Clermont, KY)
Bernheim’s Artist-in-Residence program, initiated through the generosity of Henry Heuser, Jr., has been connecting people – artists and visitors alike – with nature through art since 1980. Influenced by the uniqueness of Bernheim, artists from near and far have stayed at the forest and photographed, painted and/or installed work. Bernehim will provide housing in a beautiful wooded setting, plus a financial grant to cover travel, materials, and personal expenses.

Berwick Research Institute (Roxbury, MA)
The AIR Program is a residency program that provides emerging artists essential time, space, community, financial assistance, and critical feedback to develop and present their work. The artists have two public events that offer a venue to test their ideas in a dialog with other artists, curators, and the general public. Each artist is given two and a half months of free studio time, project and promotional support, a $1250 stipend, and weekly critiques with the AIR curators. Critical feedback is the cornerstone of our program.

Archie Bray Foundation (Helena, MT)
Probably the most important reason for coming to the Bray is the opportunity to work within a community of artists actively creating art. At the Bray, artists from around the world with a vast range of experiences and diverse aesthetic approaches, cultures and perspectives come together. Sharing discoveries, frustrations and triumphs, and working together over an extended period of time establishes friendships and connections that open new paths, develop careers, and change lives. Residencies range from a few months (short-term) to up to two years (long-term). New residents are chosen once a year in March by the Bray's director and a rotating jury of two other ceramic artists.

The Bullseye Connection (Portland, Oregon)
The Bullseye Connection is open to emerging and mid-career visual artists from all disciplines who are interested in working with glass. The Residency program consists of Factory-Artists Exchanges that can range in duration from four hours to one year. The proposed project must require the use of Bullseye’s glass product; be strongly technically based; the working method must be related to the kiln, the torch, or coldwork; and the artist must be willing to share the knowledge gained during the project.

The Byrdcliffe Colony/Woodstock Guild (Woodstock, NY)
The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild offers two residency programs: one-month Artists-in-Residence residencies in summer to visual artists and writers, and Ceramics Residencies for one to five months, May through October. Our goal is to provide solitude in community and undisturbed time in which to concentrate on independent, creative work in company of fellow artists. Professional recognition is helpful for admission, but is not essential.

Caldera (Sisters, Oregon)
Each winter, visual artists, dancers, musicians, theatre artists, writers, scientists, designers, architects and engineers apply to come to caldera for month-long residencies. Each accepted resident is given the time, space and solitude to devote themselves to their work in a private creek-side cottage with additional rehearsal and studio space nearby. Since caldera's residencies are designed to support the creative process, we don't require residents to produce a specific product.

Carbondale Clay Center (Carbondale, CO)
The Artists in Residency Program is comprised of two programs: our Studio Technician Residency and Nine Month Residency. The Studio Technician Residency [one position, 1-2 year commitment] program has drawn professional level [BFA, MFA], emerging clay artists from across the nation to manage the studio and teach at the Clay Center.  The Studio Tech Resident has a genuine commitment to working with clay, a willingness to work with the local community, and a desire to grow in the development of their own work. The primary goal of CCC's Nine Month Residency program is to provide emerging ceramic artists time and space to develop a body of work that will take them to the next level in their careers. The focus is creative development, defining one’s artistic voice and individual statement.

Carina House, The Farnsworth Art Museum (Lincolnville, Maine)
Full-time emerging artists living in Maine (2 per year) are eligible for 5-week summer residencies on Monhegan Island, one of the state's natural wonders and haven for artists for over a century.

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center (West Rutland, VT)
Artists in Residence are integral to the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center programming as they create sculpture and interact with the arts community. They comprise an important facet of our creative learning environment, providing a look at diverse artistic processes. Residents come from around the world, as well as Vermont and other states in this country. Artist residencies vary in duration from one week to one or two months.

CELLspace: Project 2048 (San Francisco, CA)
Project 2048 seeks to bring artists from around the world to work, teach and create new and exciting projects and performances. The artist in residency program offers an ideal environment for creative growth, experimentation and collaborative inspiration with other artists and the San Francisco arts community. Artists who are accepted will be provided with living accommodations, a workspace, access to the Internet and a chance to present their work as the culmination of the residency in our art gallery or the performance space. We are looking for Muralists, Sculptors, Gallery Artists and Curators, Performers of all types Arts Educators, Sound Artists, Mosaic Artists, B-Boys and B-girls, Industrial Artists, those seeking to create Sacred Spaces and many more that we have not even imagined.

Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design (Hendersonville, NC)
The Center’s mission is to advance the understanding of craft by encouraging and supporting research, scholarship, and professional development. The mission of the nonprofit is to support the regional center through funding, programs and outreach to national and regional artists, craft organizations, schools, and the local community.

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (Rockport, Maine)
The Studio fellowship Program provides emerging and established furniture makers, carvers, and turners with a stimulating environment for the exploration of new work. The program offers free studio space and other benefits to individuals who are willing to commit anywhere from a month to a year to expand their creative abilities.

Center for Photography at Woodstock (Woodstock, NY)
Woodstock AIR is a workspace residency program designed to support artists of color working in the photographic arts who reside in the United States with access to time, facilities, financial, critical, and technical support. This activity is created with an emphasis on supporting artists working in the photographic arts who are at the brink of their careers and promising talent. Artists receive a stipend for food and travel, free access to the center’s black-and-white darkroom and digital-imaging station, and an honorarium.

Centrum (Port Townsend, WA)
Residencies are offered January-May and September-December, for one week to one month. Residencies may involve solo or collaborative work, in a single area or in several. Residents are provided with housing and studio space.

Chautauqua Institute, Writer’s Center (Chautauqua, NY)
The Writer's Center offers programs in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, providing high-level common ground for the advancement of writers of all degrees of accomplishment, and of all geographical, educational, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

The Clay Studio (Philadelphia, PA)
The Resident Artist Program offers individuals the opportunity to further develop their work, to establish professional contacts and standards, and to work within a community of like-minded individuals in an urban environment. Once chosen as a resident artist, one is entitled to retain their residency for up to five years.

Collingwood Arts Center (Toledo, OH)
The Collingwood Arts Center is a unique facility, being the only residential arts facility in the state of Ohio. The center is really several facilities in one. it is a residential arts facility, a fully functioning performance and educational facility with a 608 seat acoustically exceptional theatre, and an outreach center for the arts.

Colorado Art Ranch (Colorado)
Colorado Art Ranch provides one-month residencies to writers and contemporary visual artists from around the world. We encourage emerging artists, as well as established artists, to apply. Because Colorado Art Ranch is located in a different area each session (with varying studio space), we can only accommodate the following art disciplines: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and mixed-media.

Contemporary Artist Center (Troy, NY)
The center offers residencies (1 week to the whole summer) from May to October for emerging, professional contemporary artists. Residency fee includes accommodations and access to all CAC facilities.

The Cooper Union School of Art Summer Residency Program (New York, NY)
A six week program, the School of Art Summer Residency Program is designed for emerging artists to develop their work while gaining exposure to the renowned artists, critics, curators, galleries, and museums that New York City has to offer. Each artist selected for the residency will have a semi-private, sky-lit studio in the historic Foundation Building in the heart of the East Village. Lectures, discussions, and critiques with outstanding guest faculty facilitate an open exchange of ideas and provide a critical context for contemporary issues in art.

Corning Museum of Glass (Corning, NY)
The Corning Museum of Glass is committed to supporting artists and scholars in their work. In this vein, the Museum offers a variety of residencies, grants and competitions for those working with glass for art or for research.

Cornucopia Art Center, Lanesboro Residency Program (Lanesboro, MN)
The Cornucopia Art Center/Jerome Foundation Residency Program offers two-week and four-week residencies to emerging artists each year. The program is designed to provide opportunities for emerging artists to create new work.

Creative Alliance (Baltimore, MD)
The Residency Program accommodates 8 resident artists or artist groups, one in each of the studios, for terms of one to three years. It is intended for emerging artists as well as mid-career artists whose goal is to reinvigorate their work in an intensive atmosphere. Artists are encouraged (but not required) to use the studios as their primary residence.

Creative Glass Center of America, Wheaton Village (Millville, NJ)
The CGCA Fellowship Program at WheatonArts is a professional level program providing focused and self-directed artists working in glass with a concentrated period of time to work alongside their peers. Fellows work toward a common goal of advancing their careers through the perfection or refinement of techniques needed to develop a new or expanded body of work. The CGCA program is an environment where we provide the facilities, equipment and a technical orientation; however we do not have technical assistance on hand.

Cub Creek Foundation (Appomattox, VA)
Cub Creek offers 6 residencies in ceramic arts, up to one year in length. The residency fee includes studio space and housing. Residents participate in outreach programs and have the opportunity to show work in Cub Creek’s gallery.

Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts (Wilmington, DE)
Artists selected make a full-time commitment to collaborate with an underserved community group to create artwork based on issues relevant to the participants’ lives. The residency offers artists an onsite apartment/studio space and stipend for 8 weeks, inclusion in a nationally distributed catalog, and possible exhibition. Only U.S. citizens are eligible to apply.

Dieu Donne Papermill (New York, NY)
Established in 1990, the Workspace Program offers annual residencies to New York State emerging artists to create new work in handmade paper. The program seeks to encourage emerging artists to explore the creative possibilities of handmade paper, develop this art form, and promote the Workspace artists through exhibitions of their work produced at Dieu DonnT, as well as through print and digital format.

Djerassi Resident Artists Program (Woodside, CA)
Residencies are awarded competitively, at no cost, to national and international artists in the disciplines of choreography, literature, music composition, visual arts, and media arts/new genres. We seek applications from emerging and mid-career artists, for whom appointments as resident artists may make a significant difference to their careers, as well as from established artists with national and/or international reputations. Applicants are evaluated by panels of arts professionals in each category. Those selected are offered living and studio space for four to five week sessions during the season which runs from mid-March through mid-November.

Dorland Mountain Arts Colony (Temecula, CA)
The organization provides composers, writers, and visual artists with simple living and working facilities so that creative work may be accomplished within a setting of natural beauty. Artists-in-residences are provided with housing and studio space in exchange for participation in their monthly open studios.

Dorset Colony House (Dorset, VT)
Spring and fall residencies are available for writers, composers, theatre directors, designers, collaborators, and some visual artists in a small village in Vermont.

Eastern Frontier Society, Norton Island Residency (Jonesport, Maine)
The Norton Island Residency Program offers residencies off the coast of Maine. Room and board are provided to those writers of fiction, poetry, plays or nonfiction, composers/songwriters; and visual artists selected.

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative (Greensboro, NC)
Elsewhere's residency program invites emerging and established artists and scholars to create site-specific works using the plethora of objects and dynamic spaces as materials for works or as a foundation for conceptual or technological projects. Residents launch projects from within the theoretical framework of an evolving exhibition of objects and artworks across media, composing an experimental museum rethinking the premise of the collector and collection, questions of history and myth, the stasis of the art object, the role of the artist, and the relationship of process within production. Residents are encouraged to spend one month creating in the space.  No proposals are requested.  Instead, we ask artists to draw their ideas from the space itself, its resources, and the multiplicity of systematic arrangements and performative organizations that interweave resource, artwork, and collaborative artistic response. Residents pay a $200 residency fee and $50 deposit to hold space upon acceptance of invitation.

Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts (Concord, MA)
Studio residencies are provided for more than 60 artists. AIRs are expected to pay a small rent, and are expected to use the studio a minimum of 20 hours per month, to participate in annual open house, and to contribute to the community.

William R. Espy Literary Foundation (Oysterville, WA)
An Espy Foundation residency allows for concentrated periods of production and also provides enough time and space that writers and artists find themselves free to step back from their work, re-evaluate and re-structure projects, experiment, take risks, and develop new ideas. The month-long residencies are offered in March, June and October. Both emerging and established fiction writers, creative non-fiction writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, and composers are eligible for the residencies.

http://www.eyebeam.org (New York, NY)
Eyebeam's AIR program is a multi-disciplinary initiative that supports creative research, production and presentation of projects that query art, technology and culture. Studio residencies vary from 3 to 12 months.

Fabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelpia, PA)
The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM) invites contemporary artists to create new work using experimental materials and techniques. This internationally acclaimed Artist in Residence Program hosts emerging and established regional, national and international contemporary artists who have a demonstrated commitment to innovation and exploration. To that end, the FWM supports artistic experimentation by providing fees and materials to artists, and employing its facilities and staff to address their creative needs.

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
This is a month-long residency that gives the artist the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and techniques while focusing on the creation of a new series/body of work. There is a focus on local artists and may occasionally select someone from outside the bay area.

Fine Arts Work Center (Provincetown, MA)
The Fine Arts Work Center offers a unique residency for writers and visual artists in the crucial early stages of their careers. Located in Provincetown, an area with a long history as an arts colony, the Work Center provides seven-month fellowships to twenty fellows each year in the form of living/work space and a modest monthly stipend. Residencies run from October 1 through May 1. Fellows have the opportunity to pursue their work independently in a diverse and supportive community. An historic fishing port, Provincetown is situated at the tip of Cape Cod in an area of spectacular natural beauty, surrounded by miles of dunes and National Seashore beaches.

Flux Factory (Williamsburg, NY)
For the past decade, Flux Factory has offered an informal, artist-run, and collective residency program comprised of a changing community of creative collaborators. Until now, this program has operated “organically” and been self-organized. Now, Flux Factory had a new home and is setting in motion an expanded, professionalized, artist-run residency program.

freeDimensional (New York, NY)
The goal of freeDimensional is to partner socially progressive residential artist communities with human rights and freedom of expression organizations in order to facilitate the rapid placement of human rights defenders in exile. The network provides administrative support to art and media centers worldwide that seek to create a web of flexible, short-term safe havens for human rights defenders working at the intersection of arts and journalism.

A Gathering of Tribes (New York, NY)
Tribes is a pan-disciplinary, multicultural organization, that offers a writers-in-residence series.

Grand Arts (Kansas City, MO)
Grand Arts, with a 3,000-square-foot gallery and 5,000-square-foot studio, provides studio residencies for the creation and exhibition of new work in sculpture. Grand Arts provides substantial financial, technical, and logistic support to emerging and established artists.

Griffis Art Center (New London, CT)
Griffis Art Center hosts artists from around the world for a three-month period. Housed in a quiet, residential neighborhood, the artists live, create and interact in the community.

Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences (Rabun Gap, CA)
The Hambidge Residency Program provides setting, solitude and time for creative individuals working in a wide variety of creative disciplines. Fellowships are offered for two to eight week residencies, year round, except for the months of January and February. Fellows enjoy the gift of life without every-day distractions, in individual cottage/studios. These sanctuaries are scattered across our 600 acre setting of mountain forests, streams, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildflower meadows.

Headlands Center for the Arts (Sausalito, CA)
The Artist in Residence program provides a supportive working environment that allows time for artists to experiment, reflect and grow, both individually and collectively during their stay. The program offers fully sponsored, live-in and live-out residencies to 40–50 artists each year from March to November and is distinguished in that there is no fee to participate.

Hermitage Artists Retreat (Englewood, FL)
Open to mid-career artists working in poetry, prose, script forms, visual media, musical composition, design, scholarship, and creative endeavors. All meals and housing are provided.

Highpoint Center for Printmaking (Minneapolis, MN)
Highpoint provides a collaborative, professional printshop for local and visiting artists to create small, fine art editions under the guidance and support of a master printer. Ongoing print shows in the gallery are offered during the artists’ visit.

Home, Inc. (Boston, MA)
Open to artists working in the media arts: video, digital photography, and multimedia. Home has available digital media and film/digital editing studios; exhibition/installation space and a performance theatre.

Hopscotch House/Kentucky Foundation (Louisville, KY)
The Artist Enrichment program provides opportunities for feminist artists and arts organizations to enhance their abilities and skills to create art for progressive social change. Applicants may request funds for a range of activities including: artistic development, artist residencies, the exploration of new areas or techniques, or to build a body of work. Applicants to the AE grant program, like the AMA grant program, should show high artistic quality in the work sample, and should be able to demonstrate their commitment to feminism and their understanding of the relationship between art and social change.

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (Houston, TX)
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to presenting the dynamic world of contemporary craft to the Houston community. The Artist in Residence program is designed to offer time and space for craft artists to focus on their creative work and interact with the public.  The program supports emerging, mid-career and established artists working in all craft media, including but not limited to: clay, fiber, glass, metal and wood. Artists selected for the program receive a 200 square foot studio and a monthly stipend.

Richard Hugo House (Seattle, WA)
Hugo Houses Writers-in-Residency Program offers a 9-month residency and each writer may serve up to 2 terms. The residents serve the community by holding office hours, designing and implementing an innovative program to serve the Seattle community, and serving as teachers in the Inquiry Through Writing Program.

Hurricane Mountain: A Center for Earth Arts (Adirondack Mountains, NY)
Hurricane Mountain is a place for artists who take materials and inspiration from the Earth. On 25 acres surrounded by the magnificent Adirondack Mountains, potters and clay artists live and work in a small rural community that encourages discovery and the exchange of ideas. The people who come to Hurricane Mountain to develop their artistry come from all over the globe. They embrace the dynamic interchange between mountain adventures and art endeavors.

International Studio and Curatorial Program (New York, NY)
Visual artists and curators can apply for residencies at ISCP. Residencies are 3 - 12 months and sponsored by governments, corporations, foundations, galleries or private patrons. Each artist or curator is provided with 24-hour access to a studio and wireless internet.

Intersection for the Arts (San Francisco, CA)
We are committed to providing artists across disciplines with the opportunity and resources to experiment and develop new work in a nurturing environment; to engage deeply with our community; and to further dialogue about the role that art plays in our world by sharing the process of making new work with a broad audience.

The Jefferson Center for Learning and the Arts (Columbus, OH)
The Academy offers fellowships for leader in arts and culture, with individualized attention to the professional development needs of the participants in the context of the multiplicity of leadership.

Jentel Artist Residency Program (Banner, WY)
The Jentel Artist Residency Program offers dedicated individuals a supportive environment in which to further their creative development.  Here artists and writers experience unfettered time to allow for thoughtful reflection and meditation on the creative process in a setting that preserves the agricultural and historical integrity of the land.

Kaatsbaan International Dance Center (Tivoli, NY)
Residencies are the soul of Kaatsbaan's mission.  The Residency Program is designed to provide a productive and creative working environment for national and international dance companies, choreographers, dancers, composers, dance photographers, journalists, historians and scenic and costume designers.  Emerging, mid-career and established dance companies and professionals apply or are invited to be in residence at the center for a weekend to a month.  Housing and studios are provided on site.  The Dancers' Inn has expanded the effectiveness and productivity of the residence program.

Kala Art Institute (Berkely, CA)
The Artist-in-Residence Program provides accepted artists with 24-hour access to Kala’s Print Studio and Electronic Media Center. Established in 1974, Kala’s Artist-in-Residence program is geared towards providing short- and long-term communal studio space at low monthly rates to both emerging and established artists. The program has steadily grown to reach its current annual population of approximately seventy-five artists from the Bay Area and beyond. The Fellowship Award, an international competition, annually grants eight artists a cash award, unlimited access to Kala’s facilities for up to six months, and a culminating show in the Kala Gallery, through a highly competitive jurying process. The Fellowship Award is geared towards supporting artists in completing specific projects or bodies of work that would benefit from Kala's specialized equipment.

Kalani Oceanside Retreat (Pahoa, HI)
Kalani offers artists an experience of the beauty of rural Hawaii combined with the stimulation of an international cultural center. Residence provides the artist with the impetus to complete works in progress or to strike out in new directions. Kalani offers various types of simple but comfortable accommodations. Working space, other than the accommodations, is usually limited, shared and must be kept intact and presentable for others. Three times a day, abundant, healthy and delicious cuisine is served on an open-air lanai (veranda). Stipends provide for a reduction of lodging and meal costs, saving you as much as $1,600 per month. Although paradise prevails year-round, stipends are available mainly from May-July and September-December. Minimum stay is 2 weeks, maximum is 3 months. Artists in all categories are welcome year-round, at regular accommodation rates.

KHN Center for the Arts (Nebraska City, NE
The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts offers up to fifty juried residencies per year to working artists from across the country and around the world. Residencies are awarded to visual artists, writers, composers, interdisciplinary artists, and arts or arts education scholars. Residencies are available for two-, four-, six-, or eight-week stays. Each resident receives a $100 stipend per week, free housing, and a separate studio. The Center can house up to five artists at any given time.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheboygan, WI)
Arts/Industry is undoubtedly the most unusual on-going collaboration between art and industry in the United States. Participants are exposed to a body of technical knowledge that enables them to explore forms and concepts not possible in their own studios as well as new ways of thinking and working. Artists-in-residence may work in the Kohler Co. Pottery, Iron and Brass Foundries, and Enamel Shop to develop a wide variety of work in clay, enameled cast iron, and brass including but not limited to murals and reliefs, temporary or permanent site-specific installations, and functional and sculptural forms.

The LAB (San Francisco, CA)
Solo artists/performers or collaborators may apply for residencies in the Main Gallery space. The LAB offers 2 performance residencies per year. The LAB offers artists an extended workspace for 2-4 weeks to create new work; the length of time depends on the scope of your project. Residents are encouraged to engage the community with public events such workshops or panel discussions. If you are applying for a LAB residency, please address these additional issues of time, community, and budget (if applicable) along with the regular application.

The Lannan Foundation (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
The Lannan Writing Residency Fellowship provides uninterrupted writing time for poets, writers, essayists, scholars, curators, as well as indigenous, environmental and social justice activists.  Residency durations are usually from one to two months.

Light Work (Syracuse, NY)
Every year Light work invites between twelve and fifteen artists to come to Syracuse to devote one month to creative projects. Over three hundred artists have participated in the AIR program, and many of them have gone on to achieve international acclaim. The residency includes a $4,000 stipend, $500 in printing credit with our state-of-the-art digital lab, a furnished artist apartment, 24-hour access to our facilities, and generous staff support. Work by each Artist-in-Residence is published in a special edition of Contact Sheet: The Light Work Annual. Contact Sheet is a beautiful publication that is sent to over four thousand art lovers, museums, galleries, and libraries in over thirty-two countries.

Location One (New York, NY)
Location One's artist-in-residency program seeks artists who wish to experiment with new forms of artistic expression, including those involving new technologies, to create new work reflecting their experimentation. Artists spend 5 or 10 months in residence. Candidates may work with painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, sound, or new media. Candidates must be working artists with at least three years of practice and some exhibition history. Students are not eligible.

The Loft Literary Center (Minneapolis, MN)
The Loft Writer's Studios at Open Book offer private, affordable studio space to local writers on a weekly or monthly basis.

Louisiana Artworks (New Orleans, LA)
Open to Louisiana based artists working in glass-blowing, ceramics, and printmaking. There are facilities for blacksmithing, ceramics, glass blowing, metal, printmaking, and exhibition/installation space.

Lower Eastside Printshop (New York, NY)
Artists from all over the world are invited to work in residence throughout the year. Artists work in collaboration with the staff master printers, create new work, and are copublished by the printshop.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (New York, NY)
LMCC/Workspace offers an innovative site-oriented studio residency program, and encourages an artistic/political/theoretical consideration of location and context. They provide 9-months of free studio space within a larger, shared space with 24/7 access. Living space is not provided. There is a modest one-time stipend depending on funding. There is no monthly living stipend.

Lux Art Institute (Encinitas, CA)
Lux attracts artists from all over the world to Southern California for its AIR program. Residents live and work on site, and produce commissioned works inspired by nature.

Mabou Mines (New York, NY)
Mabou Mines Suite is open to small companies and individual artists in all fields- playwrights, directors, performers, poets, acrobats, dramaturges, composers, painters, sculptors, singers, photographers, choreographers, film & video artists- anyone with compelling performance ideas in need of investigation. In the past, all residents have received mentoring, rehearsal space and a stipend. A public showing of the work is presented at the end of the residency.

The MacDowell Colony (Peterborough, NH)
The MacDowell colony provides artists with solitude, uninterrupted time, and a supportive workspace, all within a supportive community of other creative people. Open to all applicants; facilites available in digital media and film/digital editing, metal shop, music/piano studios, painting, photography, sculpture, woodworking, writing, and exhibition/installation space.

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts (Annapolis, MD)
This 1-3 month Air program is available to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania artists. The Artist-in-Residence program is designed to support regional artists in the pursuit of their artistic goals and provide a venue for them to share their artistic talents with the public. The AIR program provides studio space in which artists can enhance their creative vision while providing classes, workshops, lectures, performances, public rehearsals and other special outreach programs. AIRs can work in any artistic field including the performing, visual, and language arts.

The Mattress Factory (Pittsbugh, PA)
Residencies range from one week to two months, with an average of three to four weeks. The artists determine the length of time they wish to work, and the schedule is designed to provide maximum on-site staff support for each artist. Professional carpenters, plasterers, and metal-workers participate in the installation process as needed, and the curatorial staff locates materials. The Mattress Factory’s artistic program is focused on the commission, presentation and collection of new site-specific installations that are developed in residency. Each installation is conceived for and executed in the space in which the public sees it. The work is integrated into the site and depends on its relationship to the setting for its final effect.

McColl Center for Visual Art (Charlotte, NC)
McColl Center for Visual Art's Artist-in-Residence and Affiliate Artist programs are dedicated to supporting artists regionally, nationally and internationally and promoting contemporary art. Fusing a regional character with a national and international perspective, the Center is a place where artists work, conduct research and where exhibitions introduce a broad public to a variety of contemporary art practices by artists from around the world. Available to most medias at all levels of career.

Mesa Refuge, c/o Common Counsel Foundation (Oakland, CA)
Common Counsel coordinates two residency programs which serve more than 70 individuals and organizations each year: The Mesa Refuge, a Northern California retreat center for writers addressing strategies for restructuring the economy and its relationship to people and the natural world; and the Windcall Residency Program for social, economic and environmental justice organizers and activists.

Millay Colony for the Arts (Austerlitz, NY)
The Millay colony for the Arts offers one-month residencies to visual artists, composers and writers between the months of April and November. Resident artists get private rooms, studios and all meals during their stay at our pastoral campus.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts (Minneapolis, MN)
The AIRs are required to work within the genres of printmaking, papermaking, and/or bookbinding; this can include non-traditional methods and materials. Full accesses to the facilities are available, and studio residencies vary in length.

Montalvo Arts Center (Saratoga, CA)
The new Center is comprised of 10 discipline-specific live/work studios and one commons building. The Lucas AIR program offers facilities and staff supportive of the creative process, state-of-the-art technology and an environment conducive to both individual practice and the exchange of ideas.

Montana Artists Refuge (Basin, Montana)
The Refuge offers affordable short and long-term living and studio spaces for artists of all disciplines. Each living space includes basic furnishings, a kitchen, bathroom, double bed, and private phone. All facilities are non-smoking. No pets. Visiting artists may come and stay for 1 to 12 months.

Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts (Nantucket, MA)
NISDA's Artist Residency Community welcomes emerging and professional artists and educators in all fields including, but not limited to, the studio arts in photography, painting, ceramics, textiles, writing, music, performance and any alternative projects committed to the creative process.

New Dance Alliance (New York, NY)
Our four main programs are: Performance Mix Festival, NDA Exchange, NDA Space Grant and Karen Bernard/Solo. Collectively these programs support the work of more than 100 experimental artists and 2,500 audience members each year.

New York Mills Arts Retreat (New York Mills, MN)
The Center provides artists with 2-4 weeks in rural Minnesota to immerse themselves in their artwork. Minnesota and New York City residents and artists of color are encouraged to apply.

Northern Clay Center (Minneapolis, MN)
The center provides 3-month residencies to 4 individual, mid-career ceramic artists, based outside Minnesota, each year. Residencies include a monetary reward, studio space, and glaze and firing allowance.

Oregon College of Art and Craft (Portland, Oregon)
The residency program provides emerging and nationally-known artists with the time and space to think and immerse themselves in their creative process. Residents have the freedom to explore, experiment, interact, create, and collaborate.

Ox-Bow (Saugatuck, MI)
Ox-Bow offers visual artists and writers, 1-2 weeks in the summer, a secluded natural environment to make artwork. Recipients receive a small private studio and room and board.

Penland School of Crafts (Penland, NC)
The Penland School Resident Artist Program seeks to enrich the total educational experience at Penland by providing a stimulating, supportive environment for artists at transitional points in their careers. Penland resident artists are full-time, self-supporting craftspeople who live and work at the school for three years. The current base rental rate for Penland resident artists is $150 per month for unfurnished housing and studio space. Penland encourages interaction between residents and its other programs. This may include demonstrations in classes, class visits to resident studios, and personal contact with students. Residents are asked to host an open house during each Penland session and to maintain an open door policy at their studios.

Peters Valley Craft Education Center (Layton, NJ)
Up to 7-month residency (October-April) offered to emerging artists or artists in transition, including housing and studio space. Also, summer residency includes accommodations, studio space, and a workshop offered in exchange for assistantship. Full-time artists-in-residence also available.

Pilchuck Glass School (Seattle, WA)
Separate residencies available for emerging and professional glass artists. Full access to facilities. Pilchuck aims to be the premier international learning center for artists who create with glass, and to further awareness and understanding of glass as a visual art medium.

PlatteForum (Denver, CO)
PlatteForum selects artists annually from applicants of all artistic genres. The six-week residency gives artists the time, support and space to advance their work.  PlatteForum inspires them to take risks and explore new possibilities. Each resident dedicates time to groups of youth in Learning Labs or intensive workshops that build upon the ideas and forms of the resident artist. The Creative Resident also mentors ArtLab, PlatteForum’s internship program participants. The Creative Residency culminates in a performance or exhibition of the artist’s work presented in tandem with the youths’ work at our studio.

Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (Portland, Oregon)
PICA's curatorial staff award up to 6 residencies per year. Each artist works closely with the curators to determine the parameters and needs of the residency in advance of their arrival in Portland. These parameters focus primarily on the needs of the project, but are also about how to best connect them to the local community in order to foster dynamic interaction and expose them to the resources and talents specific to the Northwest.

Pratt Fine Arts Center/ City Art Works (Seattle, WA)
Pratt's Master Artist Program brings visual artists renowned to the Pacific Northwest, fostering experimentation and innovation, helping the careers of working and emerging artists long after their week-long intensives end. The program includes a wide range of media: glass, jewelry/metalsmithing, printmaking, painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Project Row Houses (Houston, TX)
Project Row Houses involves artists in issues of neighborhood revitalization, historic preservation, community services, and youth education. Each AIR works for 6 months in one of the 8 houses on an installation project, with one house devoted to performance art.

PS1 Contemporary Art Center (Long Island City, NY)
PS1's studio residency program has brought together artists from around the world for more than 30 years. An exhibition space rather than a collecting institution, P.S.1 devotes its energy and resources to displaying the most experimental art in the world. A catalyst and an advocate for new ideas, discourses, and trends in contemporary art, P.S.1 actively pursues emerging artists, new genres, and adventurous new work by recognized artists in an effort to support innovation in contemporary art. P.S.1 presents over 50 exhibitions each year, including artists’ retrospectives, site-specific installations, historical surveys, arts from across the United States and the world, and a full schedule of music and performance programming.

Raid Projects (Los Angeles, CA)
Raid Projects offers a bedroom and a studio for artists to come to California for a period of 3-6 months, make new work, network with galleries and curators, and explore Los Angeles. We host two AIRs at one time. The AIR program for 2009 is $1000 US for the upstairs space and $1200 US for the downstairs space. Please note that we do not offer an exhibition for the work produced during the residency.

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Fellowship Program (Cambridge, MA)
Radcliffe Institute fellowships are designed to support scholars, scientists, artists, and writers of exceptional promise and demonstrated accomplishments who wish to pursue work in academic and professional fields and in the creative arts.

Ragdale Foundation (Lake Forest, IL)
Ragdale welcomes artists at all stages of their careers and seeks to create a mix of various experience levels in each group of residents. Through a competitive application process, Ragdale offers residencies to visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists such as those working in sound, performance, choreography, etc.At Ragdale we believe that time and space are not luxuries but necessary elements for creating important new work. Ragdale provides these necessities to artists in the form of two- to eight-week residencies. Add eleven other creative individuals to the mix, acres of idyllic prairie, a family-style dinner each night, and you have Ragdale.

Red Cinder Creativity Center (Na' alehu, HI)
At Red Cinder the length of artist residency is two weeks - enough time to complete a short-term project or get a longer one well started. Each visiting artist has a private workspace or live-work space.

Residency Unlimited Inc. (New York, NY)
Residency Unlimited is a not for profit organization that supports artists and organizations by creating residency initiatives. Our mandate is to work collaboratively and partner with organizations and individuals, pooling resources together to maximize the success of each residency experience. We function across multiple sites as a connective platform and place the creative process at the center of our mission.

Roman Witt Residency Program (Ann Arbor, MI))
Open to both emerging and established artists/designers. Witt residents will receive an honorarium of $20,000 for up to twelve weeks in residence served over an academic year. In addition, residents will be provided with housing, studio space, and up to $5,000 funding support for project materials.

Roswell Artist-in-Residency Program (Roswell, New Mexico)
The Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program serves as a contemporary counterpoint to the traditional arts of the Southwest, reinforces the Program's interest in strengthening the vitality of art in New Mexico and has been a catalyst in broadening community understanding of contemporary art.   In-residence grants are offered to artists involved in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, installation and other fine art media. Grants are not made in the disciplines of performance art or production crafts.

Saltonstall Arts Colony (Ithica, NY)
Artists and writers who are NYS residents are invited to apply for fellowships (i.e. month-long summer residencies) at the 200-acre Saltonstall Arts Colony in Ithaca, New York. There are five artists in each session: one photographer, one poet, one prose writer, two painters, sculptors or other visual artists. The Colony is located in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York.

San Anto Cultural Arts, Muralist-in-Residence Project (San Antonio, TX)
The Muralist-In-Residence Project is an initiative of the San Anto Cultural Arts Community Mural Program aimed at providing established artists a forum to work with a neighborhood within the SACA Mural District to develop murals/public art (1 MIRP mural per year). The Muralist-In-Residence Project will address needs, concerns and opportunities facing our community on many levels. San Antonio and our country are blessed with an extraordinary number of established, talented artists. Many of these artists have little opportunity or skills to work with neighborhoods in the development/creation of murals/public art. The main focus and purpose of the MIRP is to provide established artists the opportunity to develop their talents/skills as it pertains to working pro-actively with a neighborhood, to develop murals/public art.

Santa Fe Art Institute (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) conducts a bi-annual competitive selection process for artist and writer residencies that focuses on the professional experience of the artist, the quality of their past work, and their potential to have a productive residency at SFAI. The selection committees are comprised of successful artists, gallery owners, art instructors, writers, and other arts professionals from our region. SFAI supports over 50 residents per year and offers a cohesive, arts-focused environment that creates the ideal working conditions for our resident artists. Residents are housed in handsomely appointed rooms with private baths and are provided with beautiful, well-lit studio spaces, allowing them to pursue creative projects without interruption.

Sculpture Space (Utica, NY)
Twenty artists are selected each year to receive a $2000 stipend to help pay their residency expenses. Artists are scheduled for 11 months (September - August, excluding December) with no more than four artists in residence at any one time. Artists are expected to stay for a full two months, and have access to the studio 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sea Change Residencies/Gaea Foundation (New York, NY)
Sea Change Residencies provides time, space, and funds to outstanding artists and activists making critical headway in bringing forward alternative paths to social change. The program offers four to eight week residencies, with stipend, to nominees deeply involved in a wide range of movements, from radical feminism to hip-hop theater, anti-globalization to justice for American-Indians.

Seaside Institute/Escape to Create (Seaside, FL)
Escape to Create is a month-long retreat for writers, artists, scholars and other creative people who are fully engaged with art and ideas. Established 17 years ago,Escape to Create has sponsored more than one hundred artists involved in a wide range of disciplines including the literary arts, fine arts, musical composition, crafts, photography, film, history, and architecture.

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology (Otis, OR)
All emerging and mid-career visual artists, writers, designers, scholars, naturalists, and others are eligible to apply. Residents generally stay 3-4 months; housing is provided. AIRs are expected to participate in community outreach, as well as, onsite activities.

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (Skowhegan, ME)
Skowhegan selects 65 emerging visual artists annually. The program requires Participants to commit to being in residence for the full nine-week session, and absences from the program to fulfill other professional commitments are not permitted. All Participants, Faculty, and staff live and work on campus and are provided with studio space and technical support for their work. The artistic dialogue continues around the clock.

Smack Mellon Studios, Studio Residency Program (Brooklyn, NY)
Smack Mellon offers free studio space to eligible artists for a one-year period. The program provides artists working in all visual arts media a free private studio space and a $5000 fellowship (dependent upon funding).

Lillian E. Smith Center for the Creative Arts (Clayton, GA)
Artists and scholars in all disciplines are eligible to apply. Housing and studios provided. AIRs are given the opportunity of participating in public exhibitions/presentations.

Soapstone: A Writing Retreat for Women (Portland, OR)
Soapstone is located on Oregon's Coast Range, in 22 acres of forest, along the banks of Soapstone Creek. Residencies are 2-4 weeks and are provided without charge. Women writers only, single or pairs eligible. Two writers at a time can be accommodated, and each is given a private space.

Soaring Gardens Artists' Retreat/Ora Lerman Charitable Trust Artists' Residency (Wyalusing, PA)
Soaring Gardens Artists' Retreat offers residencies to visual artists, writers and composers between May and September. The Trust particularly encourages applications from emerging women artists. Artists are encouraged to apply in groups of 2 or 3.

Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources (Buffalo, NY)
The International Digital Filmmakers Residency is offered to mid-career experimental filmmakers who are not yet trained in digital editing. The 4-week residency includes housing, travel, 24-hour access to digital equipment, and technical assistance.

Stonehouse Residency for the Contemporary Arts (Miramonte, CA)
The mission of Stonehouse Residency for the Contemporary Arts is to give teachers on arts faculties’ time free of academic duties to energize their art practice in a supportive mountain ranch environment next to Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks.

St. Petersburg Clay Company (St. Petersburg, FL)
One-year residencies are offered to pre-professional emerging artists in ceramics. Residencies include studio space, 24-hour access to the facilities, discounted firings, display space for finished work, teaching opportunities, free admission to workshops, and an exhibit. Artists are required to work 12 hours/week.

A Studio in the Woods (New Orleans, LA)
A Studio in the Woods provides visual, literary, and performing artists, especially those whose work is in harmony with our mission and reveals the oneness and interdependence of all life. Studios, housing, and meals are provided with a small residency fee.

STUDIO for Creative Inquiry (Pittsburgh, PA)
The STUDIO is an arts research center designed to support creation and exploration in the arts, especially interdisciplinary projects that bring together the arts, science, technology and the humanities, and impact local and global communities. At that intersection of art, science and society, STUDIO artists find new creative opportunities, funding and the means to transform society. This year-long residency program seeks to connect established artists from across the spectrum of all the arts to the robust science-technology resources at Carnegie Mellon.

Studio Museum of Harlem (New York, NY)
The Museum offers a 12 month studio residency for three emerging artists. Each artist is granted a free non-living studio space, a $20,000 fellowship, and a $1,000 material stipend. The program is designed to serve emerging artists of African and Latino descent locally, nationally and internationally. Artists’ media may include sculpture, painting, printmaking, digital art, mixed media, photography, and film and video. The Studio Museum in Harlem is dedicated to advancing the work of visual artists of African and Latino descent through its Artist-in-Residence program, exhibitions, education and public programming, and to the presentation of work that has been inspired by African cultures worldwide. The Studio Museum in Harlem seeks to make the museum experience concrete and personal for each visitor by providing a context within which they can address the contemporary and historical issues presented by African American visual, literary and performing artists.

TransCultural Exchange (Boston, MA)
TransCultural Exchange is an award winning 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international art and the understanding of world cultures, through high quality art exhibitions, cultural exchanges and educational programs, at our home base in Boston and throughout the world. TransCultural Exchange is not a residency program, but instead typically creates projects that unites artists around the world, such as 'The Tile Project, Destination: The World.’

Torpedo Factory Art Center (Alexandria, VA)
The Torpedo Factory is the largest visual arts center in the United States, and includes 84 working studios and 6 galleries. The factory provides studio space to artists working in fine arts and fine crafts. Juries are held annually in March, and artists are waitlisted for available studios.

Ucross Foundation Residency Program (Clearmont, WY)
The Ucross Foundation provides living accommodations, individual work space, and uninterrupted time to approximately 85 individuals each year.  Residencies vary in length from two weeks to eight weeks.  At any one time, there are up to nine individuals in residence, a mix of visual artists, writers and composers.  In most cases, studios are separate from living quarters.

UrbanGlass (Brooklyn, NY)
Visiting Artist Fellowships are granted to 3 international artists wishing to work in glass (2 fellowships to emerging artists, and one fellowship to an established artist). The 8-week residency includes access to the whole studio, technical support, materials, and a possible honorarium.

Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT)
Vermont Studio Center offers 2 to 12-week studio residencies for 50 artists and writers per month. Private studio space appropriate for the medium (open 24 hours a day). There is a large and diverse creative community that involves open studio evenings, slide presentations, and readings.

Villa Aurora (Pacific, Palisades)
Villa Aurora is operated by sister German and US organizations. The Los Angeles program accepts up to 16 writers, visual artists, photographers, musicians, composers, art historians, and filmmakers from Europe annually for 3-month residencies.

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (Amherst, VA
Writers, composers and visual artists come from throughout the United States and abroad to focus on their work without the interruptions of daily life. Fellows in residence are provided with a private studio, a private bedroom with semi-private bath, and three prepared meals each day in a community of approximately twenty other writers, composers and visual artists.

Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester, NY)
VSW sponsors residencies in photography, artists' books, digital video and multimedia, 16 mm film, and analog video. Residencies are project based and last up to one month.

Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts (New Castle, ME)
Watershed offers up to 20 summer residencies and 4 winter residencies to ceramic artists. Fully funded residents receive housing, meals, and studio space. Partially funded and work-exchange residencies are also available.

Weir Farm Trust (Wilton, CT)
The Artist-In-Residence Program at Weir Farm National Historic Site selects artists to spend one month living and working at the farm. To date, 115 artists from throughout the United States, as well as Tunisia, Germany, Australia, and India have participated in the AIR Program.

Wellspring House (Ashfield, MA)
Wellspring House, located in the hills just east of the Berkshires, is open from April until December. Up to 5 writers and artists at a time are welcome for periods of a week to a month or longer.

Weymouth Center (Southern Pines, NC)
The WIR program offers writers a stay of up to two weeks to pursue their work.

Wildacres Retreat (Little Switzerland, NC)
The Wildacres residency program allows a guest to spend one week in Owl's Nest Cabin while concentrating on a project of his or her own. The program allows individuals the solitude and inspiration needed to begin or continue work on a project in their particular field. Participants stay in a comfortable, rustic cabin located 1/4 mile from the retreat, and have use of the Wildacres facilities.

Women's Studio Workshop (Rosendale, NY)
This is an invitation to enjoy a residency for the summer at the Women's Art Colony Farm in Poughkeepsie, New York. An invitation extended to women writers, visual artists of all kinds and musicians all around the world. Over the twenty years of our existence several hundred women have spent summer or spring or fall at the farm, painting or writing, living in nature and community with other women. We have no outside funding. We share expenses and work together to keep the place looking good. The farm is about the work you bring to the place. The painting and prose you do here, the place itself, its beauty and shelter, a piece of the world that is ours to enjoy; wildflowers, a pond to swim in, fields to dream in, and woods to ramble.

Woodstock School of Art (Woodstock, NY)
The Woodstock School of Art offers year-round workshops and classes. Artists' residencies, work exchange scholarships, and studio workspace are available.

Writers and Books Gell Center of the Finger Lakes (Rochester, NY)
All writers and scholars working in all genres of literature. Emerging and mid-career writers encouraged to apply. Studios for writing and letterpress printing are available.

Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow (Eureka Springs, AR)
Emerging, experienced, and/or published authors of all genres and songwriters are encouraged to apply. Residents can stay 2 weeks-2months. Housing, food, studios, and program administration provided with minimal donation.

Yaddo (Saratoga Springs, NY)
Yaddo offers residencies to professional creative artists from all nations and backgrounds working in one or more of the following media: choreography, film, literature, musical composition, painting, performance art, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and video. Artists may apply individually or as members of collaborative teams of two or three persons. They are selected by panels of other professional artists without regard to financial means. Residencies last from two weeks to two months and include room, board, and studio.

The Yard (Chilmark, MA)
The Yard's 4-week residencies provide artists with housing, work space, stipends, technical and administrative support, artistic mentoring, concert performances of new work and the time and freedom to explore their craft without interruption or outside obligation.

Residencies in Canada

The Banff Centre (Banff, Alberta)
The Banff Centre attracts thousands of artists each year from around Canada, the US, and over 40 other countries. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada, we offer programs and self-directed residency opportunities in: Aboriginal Arts; Visual Arts; New Media; Music and Sound; Theatre Arts; Literary Arts. The Banff Centre is Canada's only multidisciplinary arts environment devoted to professional career development and lifelong learning in the arts.

Centre Est-Nort-est (Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec)
Bringing together up to six artists from Quebec, Canada, and throughout the world, our two months residencies take place three times a year: in spring, summer, and autumn. Our top priority is to encourage artistic research and experimentation in contemporary art. The purpose of est nord est's residency program is to enable artists in visual arts to have access to a wealth of human resources and unique technical services in an atmosphere that stimulates artistic practice.

Dragon Dance Theatre (St-Bruno, Quebec)
Dragon Dance Theatre produces workshops that allow resident artist to share their ideas and perceptions about contemporary life, and relevant issues, in a playful creative way, which leads to performing theatrical pieces for the community.They work in the Americas, mostly Mexico, as well as in Europe. Residents who join Dragon Dance Theatre have a chance to express, socialize and dramatize their own unique point of view. The theatre collaborates with experienced theatre artists, actors, dancers, painters, sculptors, and musicians, to transform ideas into performable dramas, pageants and parades. Residencies available from 2 weeks to a month.

Toronto School of Art (Toronto, Ontario)
The Independent Studio Program consists of bi-weekly studio visits with a key advisor selected by the students from TSA's faculty of professional artists, and group meetings with other ISP participants and an ISP coordinator. Key advisors provide critical feedback, technical support and act as liaisons with the Toronto art community. The Independent Summer Residency includes individual and group critiques from three TSA faculty artists and one visiting artist an exhibition opportunity in the TSA gallery, Launch Projects, and an opportunity to work uninterrupted in a downtown studio and access to one course.

The Tree Museum (Muskoka, Ontario)
The Tree Museum was established to foster and promote contemporary sculpture, and is is committed to providing the community with direct access to innovative art in a fully integrated outdoor environment.

With Gratitude (Mansfield, Ontario)
We offer a one or two week retreat at our eco-friendly organic farm. Artists can pursue their work cultivating their creativity in direct contact with nature in a restful and beautiful setting. Working space is provided, and farm, nature and found objects are available to those who would like to make use of them. Whether seeking inspiration, rest or just time to work in a rural and peaceful environment, this retreat offers all these possibilities. Private (single) and shared (double) accommodation are available. Healthy meals are provided. Access to warm country kitchen facilities and cozy common areas.

Residencies in Mexico

CasaVecina -EspacioCultural (Centro Historico, Ciudad de Mexico)
Minimum of 6 weeks and maximum of 3 months. To be considered you must be an artist of any country or nationality regardless of gender, political affiliation, nationality or age. Not applicable for persons currently residing in Mexico City, and be an artist in any of the following disciplines: visual arts and their various aspects such as painting, graphics, photography, installation, video-art, action art, public art, site-specific art and sound experimentation. This program is designed for both emerging and experienced artists interested in undertaking projects that are innovative in both form and reflection.

Fundacion Gruber Jez, AC (Cholul, Merida, Yucatan)
The Foundations goal is to provide a workshop-studio in which students and established artists may carry on a professional dialogue and work harmoniously in an ambience of total freedom and mutual respect. A place for self-development, our top priority is to encourage artistic research and experimentation in new projects.

Simple Choice Farm (San Miguel de Ailende, Guanajuato)
The Farm invites poets, writers, musicians, artists, story tellers, chefs, lovers of beauty and this amazing planet, to gather for a week at the Farm.

Note: The following information was graciously given to me by the Director of the Nigeria Institute for Journalism, Abuja, DR EMMAN SHEHU. Any credit accruing from the successful use therefore of the information here goes to him.